What Is The Best Roof Angle for Solar Panels in Edmonton
June 17, 2024

What Is The Best Roof Angle for Solar Panels in Edmonton

What Is The Best Roof Angle for Solar Panels in Edmonton?

As a solar energy system relies on sunlight to provide power and heating, solar panel installation in Alberta needs to be carefully considered to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

It can be difficult to determine how solar panels should be installed on a standard Edmonton house without considering the following factors:

Home Location

Homes across the northern hemisphere, such as in Western Canada, will require different angles to ensure maximum energy output based on solar energy production. In Canada, you not only need to consider the orientation of panels for maximum daylight hours in the summer but also how the same energy production can be achieved during the winter. Those with a pitched south-facing roof are in the best position due to how solar energy works and how much sun their home experiences. However, homes located in the East, West, or North, as well as those with a flat roof, may not be so lucky. The optimum angle for a solar power system is based on the annual daily average of sunlight hours.

Purpose for Solar Panels

Most homes rely on a solar system for electricity, but they can also be used for heating and hot water. Considering why you are going to install solar panels is important to determine the best direction for them. Solar radiation will decrease in the winter months, even for homes in the south, as the sun's rays are hard to come by compared to in the summer. This means relying on solar may make it difficult to warm your home during this season and cost more to do so without the sun.

If Alberta homeowners want to go off-grid and rely on a renewable energy resource to heat their home, then they may need to consider other options to achieve this winter performance. For example, installing solar energy systems at a steeper angle or latitude. Even with careful consideration of the direction and tilt, it may be necessary for your home to have backup power such as high-voltage batteries.

Is My Home Good for Solar Power?

South-facing homes are in a prime position for solar panel installations due to the amount of sun hours that they generate, but this does not mean it cannot be suitable for other homes, too. The most important part of the installation is considering the latitude and tilt angle of solar panels to ensure they get the most light. This is how you will save money on energy bills. For homes that are not facing south, it may be a good idea to have a ground mount system installed to produce maximum output. Instead of having the system fixed to your roof, homes in Alberta may benefit from getting them fixed to the ground, where they can manipulate the tilt for maximum output and get the ideal angle. Installing solar panels on the ground will come at an extra cost, but can save you money in the long run.

Why Get Solar Panels?

Many people consider solar power in Alberta, Canada, due to the fact it can be cheaper than using on-grid electricity. Solar panels work to generate power through sunlight, and as this is a free, natural resource, it can be cheaper to rely on than any other. After the installation process, many people have found a reduction in energy bills by using solar panels.

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